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Benefits to Rent Commercial Property in Sweden

There are many reasons to consider investing your business enterprise in Sweden. If you rent there, you can enjoy many financial and tax benefits. Recent market changes have made Malmö and other major cities attractive for foreign real estate investors who want to rent commercial property. There are no restrictions on companies or entities being allowed to rent under any legal structure they choose, which makes it all the easier to rent as a corporation in Sweden.


The main benefits include favorable transaction costs for commercial tenants. The transparency allowed in each sale or rental also makes commercial renting a much more desirable option in Sweden than in many other countries. The recent changes through Brexit have made many expatriates search “hyra en ledig lokal i Malmö” for properties in Sweden, but there are no definite adverse changes as a result of this.


Sweden laws allow foreign country entities to rent just as easily as Swedish entities. If you prefer, you can form a company in Sweden and hold assets as well as rent out commercial property.


Swedish banks make renting commercial property relatively easy. You can invest from abroad or you can have your company established in Sweden. You do not have to worry about being faced with any tax restrictions as a foreign entity. Some rules may change in the future but as of now, these are only proposals.


If your company is looking to rent commercial real estate including retail or storage property, work with a reliable, established commercial agency. The competition for renting is increasing so it is best to have someone on your side that can help if you have to do much of your searching from out of the country.


Choose the type of property you want and begin an online search. Think about what type of store you are going to operate. Will it be a clothing store or a restaurant? If it is not a retail operation, do you want a storage facility or are you looking for a warehouse? There are also plenty of office spaces for rent in Malmö and surrounding areas like Gothenburg.


Bear in mind that while there are many benefits for your company to rent in Sweden, there may be a need for certain licenses to be obtained. This may apply to you. Find out first so that you can obtain the license before you rent the property. This may help you avoid any hold ups or delays.


If your company is interested in benefiting from the return on a Swedish rental investment, there are existing properties with flourishing businesses available. You can simply take over the lease and collect rents from your corporate tenants.


Be sure to get help looking for your desired rental in Sweden. There are online resources available that will walk you through the process of looking to rent lediga lokaler or stores or lediga butikslokaler.Contact agents that work directly with foreign customers to get individualized help. Because the popularity of rentals is increasing you will benefit with the help of Swedish rental agents.